Located between Spain and the North African coast, the Balearic Islands every year attract travelers all over the world with their sandy beaches, natural parks and nightlife like no other place in the Mediterranean, starting with the famous great name like Ibiza.

Besides parties, social events and tourism, the islands conserve great culture attractions such as Gothic cathedrals, fishing villages and nature treks. An archipelago that satisfied not only for a rule-breaking traveler but even for one that is looking for privacy and tranquility.


Located in the western Mediterranean, within 11 different dominations during history, which have enriched the artistic and cultural heritage making Corsica a true “middle ground” between France and Italy. Corsica is also known as “Island of beauty” because of the variety of landscape and nature, render this island one of the most precious pearls of the Mediterranean. A high mountain that rises from the sea, offering the visitor breathtaking views.


The history of this land is the reason why its territory is preserved as intacted land.

Nature is the the real protagonist and the pleasant, mild climate together with the turquoise color of waters, makes Croatia one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean sea.

But Croatia also offers a rich historical and artistic history. The medieval atmosphere in the streets of Rovinj, Dubrovnik and the beauty of some of the finest Roman ruins in Europe are the riches of this land.


The archipelago of the Cyclades is the most classic image of the Greek islands. Small villages of whitewashed houses perched on each other, and blue domes like the sea, steep narrow alleys reaching them only on a mule and lots of beautiful beaches where you can relax under the sun after a nice bath. The Greece East offers the traveler also unknown locations to explore. On the further north there are the beautiful and mysterious islands in the North Aegean, a fascinating mystical archipelago, where vegetation is wild and high cliffs bathe in the deep blue sea.


Vineyards, cedar, green hills and white sand beaches. The Ionian Islands in western Greece, contain a still virgin nature, adorned with ancient monasteries perched on the mountains. An enchanting archipelago with the air that is cloaked by the scent of the many varieties of flowers that grow on this fertile land.

Corfu, Ithaca and Zakynthos are only the most famous of these beautiful islands, where the sea is crystal and clear and the vegetation reach the coast. The tiny Paxi or the charming Citeria are ideal for those seeking privacy and relaxation.


Suited in the Riviera of Costa Azzurra , the Principality of Monaco is the second smallest state in the world. A mythical city that was the ledge of the legendary marriage of Prince Ranieri of Monaco and the beautiful Grace Kelly.

The time is stopped in this city and the atmosphere looks like the same as many years ago. Monaco is one of the most exclusive destinations, perfect for who turn in a limousine and sipping champagne on the beach, where you trying your luck at the casino and showing off the most fashionable dresses.


A narrow coastline overlooking the Adriatic. Montenegro is one of the unknown and not tourist destinations of the Mediterranean and for this has a unique charm.

Besides the beautiful seaside resort, the town offers a rich hinterland with medieval towns, churches, Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals. A mix of culture Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian which carried you away with the colors and scents of a unknown land.


A legend tells that when Lucifer was sent down from heaven, stole a little piece of Eden and put it on earth before falling to hell and so Gulf of Naples was born. Its beauty moved the sky in tears.

Naples, Sorrento, Capri, Ischia and Procida are famous locations that get wet in the waters of the famous Gulf. A land of the mythical past, and today offers to the visitors one of the most evocative landscape of the Mediterranean. Followed by the glittering nightlife in the Capri Piazzetta, where you will be surrounded by the most glamorous and exclusive elegance.


The unique and fascinating Panarea is the smallest island of the Aeolian islands, surrounded by several rocks and island that forms a real archipelago. Sailing in these waters exploring the small beaches and beautiful reefs is an unforgettable experience.

The nightlife is very animated from trendy clubs and discos where you can spend the evening let yourself in the middle of pleasure. And his unconventional feel make knows the island with the nickname of “island of VIP and the single”!


Ponza is the largest island in the archipelago of the Pontine Islands. A natural paradise, perfect for scuba diving thanks to the transparency of the water and the many wrecks lied on the seabed.

The volcanic origin render the coast of the island,  rich of coves and caves to be explored. For lovers of fun and social life, there are a lot of bars and nightclubs where you can waiting for the dawn drinking a cocktail.


Off the western Italian coast, Sardinia is one of the most popular places for travelers from all over the world.

Is presented by sandy beaches, rocky coasts, caves, and enchanting coves, lapping the green color of countryside with the nature is still virgin. Sardinia also presents glamour and elegance.

The high social life of Costa Smeralda suited at the north side of the island, offers a sophisticated atmosphere and the most famous dancing night clubs in the Mediterranean.


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. A land rich of history, art and stunning natural landscapes, as well as a real paradise for lovers of scents and flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

A beautiful island that went through the domination of peoples from all over Europe, where the Norman architecture merged with the Byzantine art in Arab culture.

The Greek ruins of Syracuse, the theater of Taormina, the Norman Palace in Palermo or the mileage and the beautiful beach of Torre Salsa near Agrigento are just some of the extraordinary beauty of this land.


A bridge built between two continents, this is Turkey. A warm and hospitable country, where you can admire the city full of ancient palaces, churches and mosques being envoved by the scents of exotic spices and relax on the beaches of a wonderful coast. The Turkish Riviera is irregular, characterized by impressive rocky cliffs and beautiful bays. Antalya is the main seaside resort, a heaven protected from the Taurus Mountains with a the subtropical climate. But the coast of Turkey is a mythical place, where getting carried away by the charm of history and admire the ancient ruins of Troy and the cities of Lycia along the sea.