Surrounded by the Altantic Ocean on the South-West and the Caribbean Sea on the North-East, the island of Antigua is famous all over the world for its clearest waters. The nuances of emerald green and cobalt blue sea are joined to the golden tones of sand and brilliant colors of tropical vegetation.

The visitor can explore 365 beaches, where he can enjoy the beauty of wild nature combined with an elegant and exclusive atmosphere.


Contrary to what one may think Cuba is not just an island, but an entire archipelago comprising over 4,000 islands, called cayos, arranged around the main island.

An area that puts together mountains, highlands, beaches, bays and enchanted atolls. A emphasizing beauty is even more interesting by history and culture of this land.

The capital Havana, embodies the authentic spirit of Cuba. A city with a everlasting feel of the rumba’s rhythm, in the colorful colonial architecture and beaches bathed by the Caribbean sun. The rest of the island is mostly still virgin territory, preserved from the mass tourism.


A handful of dreaming islands extending south from Granada. Grenadines are the quintessence of Carribean nature. Unique, beautiful and frequented by the jet-setters, are the perfect destination for the demanding traveler.

The archipelago consists of over a hundred islands, where you can enjoy completely the whole beauty of the Caribbean Sea. A real secret paradise by fascinating color, where you can live a relaxing moment.


Known as the “Pearl” of the Caribbean sea, Isla de Margarita is situated off the northeastern coast of the Venezuela. The long beaches together with a dry and pleasant climate during the all year, make this island one of the most popular and appreciated for the water sports fans.

There are ancient fortifications dating back to Spanish on the island, which today are considered national treasures, where one can look up some of the most beautiful views in the Caribbean sea.


Martinique is a pearl that shines in the archipelago of the Lesser Antilles, in the Eastern Caribbean. The landscapes on the island range over from tropical rain forest, to the white sandy beaches, to colorful fishing villages or mountain treks. Besides the nature, you can appreciate the traditions of local culture, enjoying the wonderful French-Caribbean atmosphere that characterizes this splendid island.


We can say that Mustique is the brightest jewel in the Caribbean sea. A small strip of land, wet by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, where you can relax in the turquoise color of water and white sand beaches.

The island is privately owned and has perfect bays for mooring boats. Nature is rich with lush vegetation hemming the white coasts.


In the middle of the Dominican Republic and the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico is a real cocktail of cultures, flavors and fragrances. Spain, the Caribbean and the U.S.A. are mixed in this small land, creating an astonishing cultural rainbow.

Just outside the beautiful and historic capital of San Juan, the island has an uncontaminated nature, where you can have long walks in the mountainous area, or explore the charming beaches and cliffs overlooking the sea. It needs just to wear a mask and snorkel to be amazed by the explosion of life that inhabit these waters.


The small island of St. Barthelemy is part of the French Antilles, a handful of islands on the border between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. The breathtaking beaches and the hills of lush greenery, makes this island the ideal place for exigent travelers.

A paradise for the ardents of fishing and windsurfing, but also for those who want to enjoy the amazing nature of the reef.


Saint Kittis and Nevis are two beautiful islands of the Lesser Antilles, discovered by Columbus and now the favorite destination for those who love retired in an ideal, peaceful, natural dwelling.

The islands are among the most quiet and reserved places in the Caribbean. Tiny, not a famous touristic destination and the ideal place for those who love to explore the seabed. Beautiful beaches, breathtaking cliffs and lush hinterland characterize the landscape of the two islands, both of volcanic origin.


Situated in the charming Lesser Antilles archipelago, this Island has a greatly bursting nature.

Every corner of Saint Lucia has spectacular landscape, with stunning beaches, cliffs, waterfalls and blooming vegetation.

The volcanic island of Saint Lucia is more uplanded than many other Caribbean islands and that’s why, it is a real paradise for trekking and wanders for the nature’s lovers.


Saint Maarten, approximately 150 miles east of Puerto Rico, is known for its refined atmosphere. A mix of French and Caribbean culture, the island is a natural paradise of a entire vitality.
Uncontaminated beaches where you can relax in the sun, fine restaurants and wonderful nature trails, are the pearls that his fabulous island offers the visitor.

Enhancing all by a beautiful coral reef for snorkeling.


St. Vincent is the main island of  “St. Vincent and the Grenadines” state, an enchanted archipelago of 125 islands, by the uncontaminated nature. The archipelago is one of the most exclusive destinations in the Caribbean, attended by celebrities from all over the world. Considering the beauty of these beaches, the bright colors of the vegetation and the incredible sea all this attention is not a surprise.